August 29, 2009

hey don't follow!

there are more country make Indonesia getting poor OH-MY-GOAT hahaha okay... OH-MY-GOD!
heloooow PLEASE to know the meaning of thankful malingsia oh sorry i'm wrong hem i mean MALAYSIA
REMEMBER when you've learned in Indonesia
REMEMBER when you've work with Indonesia
REMEMBER when your terrorists makes Indonesia so sad
and now you're so bad with Indonesia!
First, you want to steal Ambalat Island
Second, you stole the characteristics of Batik
Third, you stole the song of Indonesia, Rasa Sayange
wow you always steal-steal-steal-steal
stealing isn't good guys and i know that you know about that too, right?
but why are you still doing that?
oh i don't know what the reason
and now you're insulting Indonesia by replacing the National Song of Indonesia (Indonesia Raya) into a very bad song!
WOW WHAT YOU WANT???????????????
huh Indonesia so tired to look your behavior

hey please realized and fix your behavior, that's all i can say for you, okay?

August 28, 2009

like iron rusting at home

i'm B-O-R-E-D!
i'm bored to go to my school, i'm bored to wake up at 5 a.m, i'm bored to go to EF at 5 p.m and i'm bored to do my activities every day!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah yesterday i had plan to went to cinema with my friend from junior high school, we want to watched 'ORPHAN' and we had promised to met at 109 junior high school at 12 a.m
next day, at 9 a.m i woke up and i took my towel to take a shower but the voice of receive message rang and i opened the message, and you want to know the message?
" techa, today zara bazaar held at Senayan City and my mom asks me to accompany her to buy some dress in there and i want to buy some dress too hehehe i'm sorry cha i can't go with you ".
yes this message from my friend


ting tong! i got idea hahaha
i wanted to ask my mom
me: mom, you want to refreshing?
mom: refreshing?
me: yes
mom: no
me: oh come on mom
mom: no no no
me: oh please mom
mom: okay, study in your room now and if you don't do it, you don't ask me for money for hanging out with your friends
me: oh my goat!

*damn it!

soooooo i just stayed at home until rusting like iron

help me goat!
loh? i mean MY GOD, okay hahaha

August 18, 2009

new experience i had in langab!

i miss you my blog! huhu long time i didn't write my blog because i'm busy with my assignment and exam! i hate assignment and exam very much but i must to accept it huh! math and chemistry exam always make me crazy!!!!! oh God, help meeeeee!
hey i forget to tell you about LANGAB (Pelantikan Gabungan)! Langab held at Halim Perdana Kusuma and wow LANGAB is an activity that makes me very tired but a lot of meaning in it!
first day, the participants of Langab went to Halim by Tronton (hahaha) when we arrived at Halim, i'm surprised because we will sleep in tent! OH MY GOD I'M VERY LAZY TO SLEEP IN TENT HUH! i always think about tent will closer with mosquito, sweat went you sleep and bad dreams -__________-
okay, at 1 o'clock we all pray and you know, every the bell of langab was rang, we must to ran fast to the middle field and line up according to our groups and it was so tired! after we all line up in the middle field and my senior class told we to sat down, and we must said, "thank you very much seniorrrrrrrrrr" OH MY GOD I'M SO CHIVALROUS! after that, we ate in the middle field, ooooh you want to know what it seems? it was very hoooot! and there is much food with a lot of rice and a small side dish -_______-

in the night, I used all the attributes of thalas and the alumnus of thalas come to langab, they told us to introduce ourselves with acting weeeeeeeew i was so excited because i love acting! hihi huh if someone recorded my acting, i promise i will upload that video hehehe :D
after that, my senior becomes bad! they take us and all the attributes that we most fear when they try to take our nametag, which at the time, our lives are nametag! but I really protect my nametag so my nametag can't be taken by them huffht alhamdulilaah..
huh i tired to write blog and i want to do my math assignment so bye byeeeee! hehehe

August 8, 2009

thalas yeay yeay!

okay i want to tell you about my activity hehe you wanna to hear?
this morning, i started my activity with went to veldrum, rawamangun because i want to sport exam in there hem i went to there by transjakarta bus with my friends in X-D
next, after i arrived at veldrum, i saw my junior high school friends and WOW! I'M VERY EXCITED WHEN I MET AND HUG THEM, I VERY MISS YOU MY FRIENDS! huhuhu now their school is 81 Senior High School
but when we met, they must to come home huhu :'( but no problem hehe
and finally, i followed my sport exam
the test material is sprint up yo one hundred meters and i got 18.8 seconds! wow amazing haha
and then, i with my thalas friends went to GRJS, Bulungan because we want to watched THALAS PERFOMANCE! wow very tired came there by transjakarta bus huffht...
ten minutes later, the transjakarta came and we went to Bulungan
until we arrived GRJS, we took a seat the second from in front of hehehe
five minutes later, showtimes started and WOW the audiences very excited hahaha
ehm i want to tell you about the story about showtimes, so the performance tell about the junior want to fight their senior
but the duration only fourty-five minutes huhu i'm not happy about that huh
after we watched teh THALAS PERFOMANCE, we came back home hehehe