October 23, 2009

how the result of my report?

today my daddy will take my report and i think he will angry with me when he return to home argghhhhhh! how i'm not afraid? my result score made me really really dissapointed :'(
this is my exam score:
1. math: 6,00 -___-
2. physics: 7,60
3. chemistry: 7,25
4. biology: 8,80
5. indonesian languages: 8,40
6. english: 8,40
7. french: 84,25
8. civic education: 68 -,-
9. muslim education: 7,80
10. sosiology: 6,25 -_______-
Another score that I would not tell you because it is very bad score i had!

really really make me dissapointed -_________________-
and you know my sosial score make me must to repeat the test to become a standard score, 7,50 arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
and how about my fate now? entering science majors but i haven't science score to 8,00 and entering social majors but i must to repeat the test because my social score really really dissapointed -,-
and i felt my social score (sosiology, economic, history, geography) is bad all!!!!!
ngeh what should i do now?
i don't knowwwwwwww but i know starting now i must to study harder than yesterday

at one o'clock my my father would come to my school, 14 Senior High School and take my report in the French class (yes the french class is my class when not moving class) and my class guardian, Mrs. Endang must be informed of all the badness about me during in the class and kindness about me would never tell to my father hufhttt..
you must be patient Techa -,-

i'm confused -____-

today at my school, Dian offered me to watch festival arts of 68 High School, it called BAZKOM. So in there, we not only see the bands show the action but in the arts festival offers food festival concept so we can buy food at the bazaar booth and I consider it unique compared to other performing arts other high school in Jakarta.

Friday to Sunday, October 2-25, 2009
at SMA 68
Salemba Raya 18 Jakarta Pusat
Ticket Price: Rp7500,- (Friday & Saturday); Rp15000,-(Sunday); Rp25000,- (closing event)
Stage every Sunday:
0ct 4 : Ballads of the Cliche, The You Know Who, and school band competition
Oct 11 : Pasukan Lima Jari, The Authentics, Second Hell and collective band
Oct 18 : Monkey To Millionaire, The Blenggoes, Scabbard, and collective band
Oct 25 : Revenge, Hupplepuff, Alien In Fashion, Nice Kids, Deadly Mistake and collective band
The competition includes: futsal, basket, cheerleaders, modern dance, saman dance, english debate, paskibra, band (for school)grafiti, mural, painting (canvas), chess (for public max 20 years old)
open audition for collective band
registration before sep25 at SMA 68
Food Festival + Bazaar
Closing Events
31 October 2009
Guest Star : The S.I.G.I.T, RAN, Toni Q Rastafara, Superglad

Dian: cha, i know you like RAN so much, at Bazkom RAN will singing!
Me: i must watching RAN tomorrow Di, how much is the ticket? i can buy the ticket with you Di?
Dian: hem i think i can because my friend who student at 68 Senior High School offers to sell some tickets to my friends in here
Me: okay, how much the ticket?
Dian: Twenty Thousand Rupiahs
Me: hah yesterday i looked the flyer and in there written 'HTM fifteen thousand rupiahs'
Dian: no no the HTM is twenty thousand rupiahs cha
Me: -__________- okay

ah damn it! i want to see RAN! i love RAN so much huhuhu :(
so my mom said 'the promise would be asked in the Hereafter', I finally didn't come to the 68 Senior High School tomorrow -,-

October 3, 2009

my favourite cartoon and you must watch it!

Upin and Ipin, are you ever heard? Upin and Ipin are one of the Islamic cartoon series that aired in TPI. New Cartoon from Malaysia and strange if you hear the conversation of that cartoon but i like it! because of their conversation which i think is funny and also the characters are funny too
So, Upin and Ipin are twins. Ipin as a brother of Upin. They live with their Opak or Grandmother and one Big Sister. this is some pictures of Upin and Ipin

This is Upin. Upin is Ipin's brother, he is younger than Ipin. Upin has a hair, always wear yellow clothes and sometimes he said "Betul Betul Betul" or "Boleh Boleh Boleh" wahahaha that's very cute i think!

This is Ipin. Ipin is older than Upin, he hasn't a hair so he's bald but i like it he's so cuteeee! he's more arrogant than Upin who is more obedient by the older sister, Ros and his grandmother. He always wear blue t-shirt and a red scarf on his neck.
tells of two children orphaned twins who live with his grandmother and sister. Upin and Ipin always together, played together, ate together, and all the activities they do together. Mischief and innocence both make us laugh, especially with their activities when fasting, example teraweh, reading the Qur'an and making ketupat.
Cooming soon Upin and Ipin Movie will be shown in cinema. I can't wait to watch it!!

September 29, 2009

lebaran part 3

FINALLY THE BIG DAY CAME!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrulations for all Muslims in the World!!!!!!! Guys, Forgive all my mistakes and I want us to forgive each other :)

In the morning, my family prepared to went to Al-Jamal Mosque in Teluk Betung, Lampung. In there, we celebrated the Big Day with Solat Ied and we prayed that we can celebrating Idul Fitri like today :)

after that we left for my Grandparents' House, I was sad if i saw some pictures of my grandparents' house, there a lot of pictures of me with the deceased grandma. My grandma died of lung cancer while I was still small and my grandpa before i was born, so i haven't seen him and hug him :'(
i always pray that their still well in 'there' :)

After arrived at my Grandparents' house, all my Big Family had gathered in there and they welcomed to my family with great fanfare. WOW i'm so glad to see them all because i really really miss them

after all the children and grandchildren of my grandparents had arrived, my aunt took my favorite food is Seruwit! YIPEEEEEEEEE all ate except my brother-in-law, he felt weird with Seruwit, yeah all the people who have never tried seruwit would feel strange and if they try it, would be addicted hahaha :D

oh yeah i'm forget, before we ate together, i and my big sister apologized with my parents. i'm sad when my father said, "forgive me because i like mad with you, it's all done because i really really love you and don't forget to keep your spirit because i know you're always spirit of doing all the things you want to accomplish".

Thank you very much my dear parents, i always remember your message mom and dad ;)

September 28, 2009

lebaran part 2

weyyy i want to tell the continuation of my loooong holiday in Idul Fitri hem

Second day, one day before the Day of Idul Fitri is coming, my aunt or Bima's mother preparing food to be eaten by my big family and of course she prepared Lampung Traditional Food! You must not know, but as you know, you would say "weird food!".
Lampung Traditional Food is 'Seruwit'. mixture of fried fish, durian, sambal terasi, rice, and crackers and my father usually added petai wihihihihihi but you must know, the food was delicious! perhaps the first time you try, you want to throw up like i did when i was little

not only my aunt are preparing for tomorrow, but my family also helped. I helped make a legit layer cake with Gina, Bima's little sister. And you know, Bima has a little brother named Pandu, he's very funny and loved to sing. Favorite song is 'Bangun Tidur' from Mbah Surip, 'Cari Jodoh' from Wali Band and 'Lupa-Lupa Ingat' from Kuburan Band. He's very familiar with his favorite songs and when he sang it, certainly he's very funny and made our family laugh hahaha

maybe today i can only post it, but maybe this afternoon when i bored i'll post again hihihi
bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

lebaran part 1

heyyyy alllllll! i missing my blog very much! almost a month i didn't open my blog and when i opened it, many blog postings from my friends wow they always update new post, right?
the reason why I never post another blog is:
first, many school assignment that i should be doing that and
second, I just got back yesterday from my mother's village in Lampung

hey bloggy, you know about Lebaran? or we can said, 'IDUL FITRI'
yes, because i'm Muslim sooooo i celebrated the Big Day of Muslim hihihi
I'm very happy because I can celebrated, because by celebrating it, I could gather with my big family and I was also greetings with them all :D
If you are a Muslim, would you know how pleased when to celebrate Idul Fitri? hehehe

First day, I went to Lampung on Friday, September 18 by a car. With my family and of course now this year's Idul Fitri, brother-in-law came with us so my family members become more crowded wakakakak ;p

for the crossed from the Java Island to the Sumatra Island, from Merak Harbor we took Ferry Ship which can carry cars. When i arrived at Bakauheni Harbor, i'm very excited and my heart said, "yipeeeeee... bye-bye jakarta traffic! :D"

during in Lampung, I stay at home brother named Bhima. yeah he's one annoying and damn person I've ever had! He was a wase guy and attractive but I also don't know why, I always miss him hihihi maybe because he like to joke with me and he has chubby face hahahaha :D

in first day, nothing interesting except for played Guitar Hero in Bima's Playstation2. I fighted him until my head going bald because i think he's a Master of Guitar Hero hahaha he can played the expert level and could easily got a score of 100! W-O-W A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!! wahahahahahaha :D

weyyyyyyyy i forget to show Bima's photo to youuuuuuu bloggy hihi

stupid boy i think -_______-

August 29, 2009

hey don't follow!

there are more country make Indonesia getting poor OH-MY-GOAT hahaha okay... OH-MY-GOD!
heloooow PLEASE to know the meaning of thankful malingsia oh sorry i'm wrong hem i mean MALAYSIA
REMEMBER when you've learned in Indonesia
REMEMBER when you've work with Indonesia
REMEMBER when your terrorists makes Indonesia so sad
and now you're so bad with Indonesia!
First, you want to steal Ambalat Island
Second, you stole the characteristics of Batik
Third, you stole the song of Indonesia, Rasa Sayange
wow you always steal-steal-steal-steal
stealing isn't good guys and i know that you know about that too, right?
but why are you still doing that?
oh i don't know what the reason
and now you're insulting Indonesia by replacing the National Song of Indonesia (Indonesia Raya) into a very bad song!
WOW WHAT YOU WANT???????????????
huh Indonesia so tired to look your behavior

hey please realized and fix your behavior, that's all i can say for you, okay?

August 28, 2009

like iron rusting at home

i'm B-O-R-E-D!
i'm bored to go to my school, i'm bored to wake up at 5 a.m, i'm bored to go to EF at 5 p.m and i'm bored to do my activities every day!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah yesterday i had plan to went to cinema with my friend from junior high school, we want to watched 'ORPHAN' and we had promised to met at 109 junior high school at 12 a.m
next day, at 9 a.m i woke up and i took my towel to take a shower but the voice of receive message rang and i opened the message, and you want to know the message?
" techa, today zara bazaar held at Senayan City and my mom asks me to accompany her to buy some dress in there and i want to buy some dress too hehehe i'm sorry cha i can't go with you ".
yes this message from my friend


ting tong! i got idea hahaha
i wanted to ask my mom
me: mom, you want to refreshing?
mom: refreshing?
me: yes
mom: no
me: oh come on mom
mom: no no no
me: oh please mom
mom: okay, study in your room now and if you don't do it, you don't ask me for money for hanging out with your friends
me: oh my goat!

*damn it!

soooooo i just stayed at home until rusting like iron

help me goat!
loh? i mean MY GOD, okay hahaha

August 18, 2009

new experience i had in langab!

i miss you my blog! huhu long time i didn't write my blog because i'm busy with my assignment and exam! i hate assignment and exam very much but i must to accept it huh! math and chemistry exam always make me crazy!!!!! oh God, help meeeeee!
hey i forget to tell you about LANGAB (Pelantikan Gabungan)! Langab held at Halim Perdana Kusuma and wow LANGAB is an activity that makes me very tired but a lot of meaning in it!
first day, the participants of Langab went to Halim by Tronton (hahaha) when we arrived at Halim, i'm surprised because we will sleep in tent! OH MY GOD I'M VERY LAZY TO SLEEP IN TENT HUH! i always think about tent will closer with mosquito, sweat went you sleep and bad dreams -__________-
okay, at 1 o'clock we all pray and you know, every the bell of langab was rang, we must to ran fast to the middle field and line up according to our groups and it was so tired! after we all line up in the middle field and my senior class told we to sat down, and we must said, "thank you very much seniorrrrrrrrrr" OH MY GOD I'M SO CHIVALROUS! after that, we ate in the middle field, ooooh you want to know what it seems? it was very hoooot! and there is much food with a lot of rice and a small side dish -_______-

in the night, I used all the attributes of thalas and the alumnus of thalas come to langab, they told us to introduce ourselves with acting weeeeeeeew i was so excited because i love acting! hihi huh if someone recorded my acting, i promise i will upload that video hehehe :D
after that, my senior becomes bad! they take us and all the attributes that we most fear when they try to take our nametag, which at the time, our lives are nametag! but I really protect my nametag so my nametag can't be taken by them huffht alhamdulilaah..
huh i tired to write blog and i want to do my math assignment so bye byeeeee! hehehe

August 8, 2009

thalas yeay yeay!

okay i want to tell you about my activity hehe you wanna to hear?
this morning, i started my activity with went to veldrum, rawamangun because i want to sport exam in there hem i went to there by transjakarta bus with my friends in X-D
next, after i arrived at veldrum, i saw my junior high school friends and WOW! I'M VERY EXCITED WHEN I MET AND HUG THEM, I VERY MISS YOU MY FRIENDS! huhuhu now their school is 81 Senior High School
but when we met, they must to come home huhu :'( but no problem hehe
and finally, i followed my sport exam
the test material is sprint up yo one hundred meters and i got 18.8 seconds! wow amazing haha
and then, i with my thalas friends went to GRJS, Bulungan because we want to watched THALAS PERFOMANCE! wow very tired came there by transjakarta bus huffht...
ten minutes later, the transjakarta came and we went to Bulungan
until we arrived GRJS, we took a seat the second from in front of hehehe
five minutes later, showtimes started and WOW the audiences very excited hahaha
ehm i want to tell you about the story about showtimes, so the performance tell about the junior want to fight their senior
but the duration only fourty-five minutes huhu i'm not happy about that huh
after we watched teh THALAS PERFOMANCE, we came back home hehehe

July 22, 2009


oh-my-god! what time is it? heeeeeem well 10.12 p.m, right? hoaaaaaahm i'm so sleepy but i won't to sleep, okay so what do you want chaaaaaaaaaa? hahaha i don't know but i won't to sleep okay please hear me huhu
oooh i want to tell you about yesterday haha okay it's not important for you hehe
yesterday i went to Senayan City? do you know Senayan City???? okay you must know about that huehehe
i went there because i want to search a book called 'look me in the eye'.
i saw that book are recommended in the go!girl magazine and when i read the synopsis of the book hem i think that book is interesting hehe :D
hem this is cover of the book

sooo i want to tell you about the story of this book
hem this book told about a man who suffered aspergian. he's very smart in mathematics, electronic and machinery but he is difficult to socialize with other people. in this book he tells the struggle of his life to be accepted by other people and he can do things that he like. oh yeah the struggle of a zero to be hero! :D
my friend said, 'you must read this book because the book make you motivated to don't give up whenever and wherever!'.

July 19, 2009

oh my indonesia..

three days ago, when i came home from school, my mother tells that occur bombardment in J.W Marriott (again!!!!!) and Ritz-Carlton, oh well why can this happen again God??????
and for the second time, police suspect is a terrorist act!!!!!!! oh come on, where are your conscience???? and all countries don't allow residents to go to indonesia hufft...
i was saddened to hear the news about that and i condolence with my indonesia again

you must know, Manchester United not going to Indonesia huh! i'm pity with people who have purchased MU tickets, oh they hope to watching the Red Devils, Manchester United! be patient to all who have purchased MU tickets, i hope was only delayed too
hey don't see Indonesia with one eye, with terrorist!
indonesia have beautiful natural resources and have some places for vacation example Bali, right?
i hate all the people who say Indonesia is bad! hey go to hell please, okay?
don't insult my Indonesia because your country not be better, deal?
and please join us INDONESIAUNITE.COM on twitter!

July 12, 2009

welcome new hair!

i want to be fashion stylisssssst hehehe i need comment from youuu about my style hehehe please comment about me guys!

thanks for you if you want to comment :)

July 11, 2009

mau banget

ahuahua kenapa kayaknya ya semua orang nulis blog itu tentang love life? hem pengen nih, tapi gak bisa ahahaha gak biasa nulis-nulis tentang kaya gt sih. terlalu private wekek teruuuuuus banyak banget yang nyindir-nyindir di blog astajim gue aja baru nyindir itu yang judulnya 'fattlous' aja hahahaha (ngaku)
katanya saudara gue masa karna gue orangnya tertutup, loh ya iyalah tertutup masa dibuka-dibuka gt kan gak pake baju masa (basi lo cha!)
eh pengen nih nulis love life wakak biar taylor lautner kalo baca dia bisa dateng ke indonesia terus ngelamar gue wakakaka apadaaaaaaaaah


wihihi i miss myGirlFattlous!!!!! katanya kita famous, eksis, perfect dan segala macamnyalah wahahaha makasih ya pujiannya ehuehue aih bodo amatlah mau pada ngomong apa ya, mau pada nyindir apa juga, mau ngomongin dibelakang kaya apa juga tapi gue teteeeeeeeep sayang deh sm myFattlouuuuus! masih ada aja yang nyindir-nyindir sih woy udah lulus smp nih wahahaha urusin aja urusan masing-masing ngapa seeeeeeeh busetdeh -_-

kenapa semua pada mencar-mencar siiiih padahal dulu gue doanya supaya semua anak Fattlous ke 8 sm 81 aja deeeeeeeh huhuhu
Dena, Vina, Fancho, Daraya, Bunga, Chaca di 81
Gita di 61
Dira, Naya, Vika di 71
gue di 14
Nissa di Labsraw
Dea di 54
Danti di 26
Fika di 3
Icha sm Pipi di 91
Becka di 21
Alika di 6
huhuhu kok pada pisah sih fattlouuuus
gue kangen ngumpul-ngumpul didepan sekolah nih, di GR, dikantin huaaaaaa mau kaya dulu lagiiiii :'(

mama aku cinta padamu

mamaaaaaa maaf ya kalo aku suka bandel, suka ngebantah omongan mama, suka nyebelin, suka gak mau kalo disuruh, suka ngambek tiba-tiba, suka mewek (hahaha), suka minta yg macem-macem mama i'm sorryyyyyyyyyyy!
aku jadi inget cerita perjuangan mama pas mau ngelahirin aku huhuhu aku sedih dengernya pas mama bilang aku udah divonis meninggal sm dokter, dasar nih dokter samarinda abal-abal buktinya pas dibawa ke jakarta aku masih bisa hidup, maunya apa banget ya mah ckckck
eh mau cerita tentang kelahiran gue ahhhh hahaha
jadi awalnya nyokap cerita gue punya kelainan itu karena setiap perutnya dipegang, gue gak pernah gerak-gerak, terus nyokap langsung ke Rumah Sakit lah di Samarinda (waktu itu emang keluarga gue lagi di Samarinda) tapi bokap gak nemenin soalnya bokap lagi dinas gt.
pas udah nyampe Rumah Sakit, diperiksa-periksa lah kandungannya nyokap gue,
terus dokternya bilang, "bu, maaf ya anak ibu jantungnya udah gak berdetak lagi. dia udah meninggal, kita gak bisa melakukan tindakan bu, lebih baik kalo ibu mau mempertahankan janin ibu ke jakarta aja, ke Rumah Sakit Harapan Kita, disana memang spesialis jantung, tapi kalo udah gak berdetak seperti ini, ya udah susah buat diselamatkan bu".
waaaaaaa nyokap langsung bener-bener down pas dokter ngomong gt, nyokap langsung telfon bokap buat minta izin langsung pergi ke Jakarta, bokap langsung setuju terus nyokap gue langsunglah naik pesawat ke Jakarta
kata nyokap, selama perjalanan, dia pucat banget dan keringet dingin terus cuman bisa ngomong sambil ngelus-ngelus perut dia, 'kamu pasti bisa hidup kan nak, masih kan?'
huaaaaaaa gue mau nangis denger nyokap cerita kaya gt, yaampun nyokap gue usaha banget supaya gue bisa selamat, dan dia cuman sendirian!
pas udah nyampe disana, nyokap langsung bener-bener dirawat intensif, sampe akhirnya nyokap harus ngejalanin operasi sesar pula gara-gara kalo pake yang normal, takutnya gue meninggal hhhh
lalu lalu abis gue lahir, nyokap belom bisa ketemu gue pula hh gara-gara gue harus langsung dimasukin inkubator biar derak jantungnya seirama yaoloooooh kata nyokap, dia nangis setiap liat ibu-ibu gendong anak bayinya, dia iri sm ibu-ibu itu yaampun sabar ya mamakuuuuu
suster disana jahat pula, masa nyokap gue ngasih ASI dibotol kan biar gue masih tetep dapet asupan ASI, terus nyokap titipin ke suster, tapi susternya gak ngasih ke gue, malahan ditaro dikulkas sampe beku terus basi ih jahat bangettttttt sih yaolooooooh
ahuahua akhirnya beberapa minggu kemudian gue udah agak sehatan, terus gue dibolehin pulang deh asik asik hahaha
yaampun tapi sampe sekarang gue belom bisa bikin nyokap bangga, gue udah bikin dia sedih karna nem gue yg teramat sangat jelek huh yaampun sedih deh kalo inget gue masih belom bisa ngasih nyokap apa-apa
ahuahua tapi aku sayang mamaaaaaaaaaaa kok, pengen bikin mama bangga, tapi belom bisa mah :'( maaaaaaaaaf ya mah, pasti di SMA ini aku bakal lebih berusaha kok :)

July 8, 2009

Blaster Family's Graduation!

ihiiiiy tadi malem ada acara looooh seru deh ahuahua perpisahannya anak Blaster dong, anak Blaster kan paling T-O-P sedunia hahaha acara pertama itu kan main games tebak-tebakan lagu alay wkwkwkwkwk ANJIR NIH KETUA KELAS TIM BIRU DICUEKIN MULU NIH AH SIAKUL HAHAHAHA SEWOT KAN CERITANYAAAAAA! iya tebak-tebakan lagu gt deh, lagu pertama gue sotoy gitu wkwk

Lindy: lagu pertama ya, kalo pas gue kecilin volumenya, lo baru cepet-cepet teriak nama tim lo ya, kalo sebelum gue kecilin volumenya lo rusuh, tim lo didiskualifikasi ye terus yang lo jawab nama lagunya, penyanyinya sm lanjutan lirik lagunya
Anak-anak: iye cepet ngapaaaaa
(lagu pertama dinyalakan.........)
Anak-anak: diem lu cha rusuh lu
Gue: ih najis kan gue jawab ape lu sewot aja dik
Anak-anak: eh sotoy lu itu bukan peterpan goblok! peterpan kok alay -_-
(musik akhirnya dikecilin dan semua tim pada tereak-tereak.......)
Gue: Master alay nih tim kuning wkwkwkwkwkwkkwkw
Tim Kuning: wuanjing lu cha

okay gue emang gak tau kalo lagu-lagu alay gitu kawan, maaf ya dari orok gue bukan alay wkwkwkwk dan yg menang akhirnya tim kuning sm tim hijau terus katanya yang kalah mau dicipok wkwkwkwk KAGAKLAAAAAAAAAAH yang kalah ditaburin bedak sm anak-anak ck untung pada lupa gara-gara abis games langsung makan-makan hahaha HAMPIR SAJAAAAAAAAAAAAAA fiuuuh.....

abis makan-makan, foto-foto deh hahaha my favourite's part deh hehehe

abis foto-foto, makan jagung terus yang paling seru itu TIME CAPSULEEEEEEEEEEE!
jadi gini aturan mainnya, kita disuruh nulis sm gambar masa depan kita nanti, maksudnya cita-cita atau keinginan kita di 10tahun lagi. setelah selesai gambar, kita masukin ke tabung besi terus ditanem ditanah ahuahuahuahua gue gambarnya kereeeeen deh tapi gue gak bisa kasih tau apa aja yang gue gambar, tunggu 10tahun lagi ye kawan wkwkwk maap-maap aje yeeeeeee

pas anak-anak cewek lagi pada ngumpul, terus pada ngerumpi wkwk

Lindy: wah 10tahun lagi mudah-mudahan gue lulus kuliah diluar negeri amiiiin
Shifa: gue mau nikah sm Ichaaaaaaaaaaal! wkwkwkwkwk (dalem hati gue ngomong: ngarep lu sif wkwkwkwk)
Putri: wah gue juga mudah-mudahan sukses deh amin
Ocha: gue juga mau jadi orang tajir hahahaha
Gue: entar gue 10tahun lagi dateng kesini bareng suami gue dong, udah dijodohin gue sm dia hahaha
Anak-anak: emang siapa cha? ciyeeeeeeeeee
Anak-anak: WTF -___________________-

ih bener ya 10tahun lagi gue buka time capsulenya bareng taylor lautner, liat aja lu pada nanti pada iri sm gue HAHAHAHAHA

abis ituuuuuuu ngaku-ngakuan deh siapa yg disebelin sm siapa yg pernah disuka di Blaster

pas gue dapet giliran gue kabuuuuuuuuuuur, malu ah main ngaku-ngakuan wkwkwkwk
yang paling so sweet itu megha deh ngakunya hahahaha dan dia paling banyak suka sm cowok Blaster hahaha gue mah gak ada ya mg, gak level sih (haha minta ditabok gue) sebenernya ada, tapi udah simpen dalem ati aje wkwkwkwk

okaaaaaaaaaay udah dulu ya sampe disini, capek euy mau main pesbuk dulu wkwkwk
kalo kangen sm gue, liat aja di tv jam 12malem di discovery channel oks oks wkwkwk

Salam Lautner,

Swietenia Harapan Lautner :D

July 7, 2009

thanks ajengkuuuuuuu!

kan gue barusan online msn, terus gue pasang pm 'beteeee ih -____-' terus adek-adekan gue si ajeng nyapa,

ajeng says:
kak techaaaa
Techa says:
Techa says:
adek maaf ya balesnya lama, aku mandi tadi
ajeng says:
iya kak gapapa
ajeng says:
kak kenapa bete?
Techa says:
iya nih gak ada sms huhu
ajeng says:
jahaha kak techa lagi ada pacar ngga sih kak ?
Techa says:
enggak ada sayang haha siapa juga yg mau sm aku -_-
ajeng says:
ih banyak kak, kalo aku cowo juga aku mau sama kaka hihi ;D
Techa says:
emang apa kelebihan aku sih dek -_-
ajeng says:
kakak itu asik, cuek(ga jaim), baik, seru ahh pengennnnnnnnnnnnnn
Techa says:
Techa says:
makasih sayaaaang kamu juga baik, cuek, lucu lagi hihihi
ajeng says:
ah tapi aku kan masih ada belagu dan nyolotnya kak wekekekee
ajeng says:
kalo kak techa mah TOP!
Techa says:
enggak ah, kalo sm aku looooh hehehe
Techa says:
wahaha *** aja gak mau sm aku -_-
ajeng says:
jah *** mah udah kepincut ama ka **** udah mentok dia huhu
Techa says:
iya sih, udah dipelet hahaha (parah lu cha wkwk)
Techa says:
eh parah ngomongin orang gak baik ah huhu
ajeng says:
siapa ya yg mulai akakakakaka aku ngga merasa hihihihiihi
Techa says:
hahahha wah wah parah nih gak mau ngaku hahaha

wihihihihi seneng deh dibilang baik wkwkwkwkkw NARSISNYA MULAAAAAAI HAHAHAHAHA
thankies my lovely sist' Ajeeeeeeeeng :D love youuuuuuuuu