September 28, 2009

lebaran part 1

heyyyy alllllll! i missing my blog very much! almost a month i didn't open my blog and when i opened it, many blog postings from my friends wow they always update new post, right?
the reason why I never post another blog is:
first, many school assignment that i should be doing that and
second, I just got back yesterday from my mother's village in Lampung

hey bloggy, you know about Lebaran? or we can said, 'IDUL FITRI'
yes, because i'm Muslim sooooo i celebrated the Big Day of Muslim hihihi
I'm very happy because I can celebrated, because by celebrating it, I could gather with my big family and I was also greetings with them all :D
If you are a Muslim, would you know how pleased when to celebrate Idul Fitri? hehehe

First day, I went to Lampung on Friday, September 18 by a car. With my family and of course now this year's Idul Fitri, brother-in-law came with us so my family members become more crowded wakakakak ;p

for the crossed from the Java Island to the Sumatra Island, from Merak Harbor we took Ferry Ship which can carry cars. When i arrived at Bakauheni Harbor, i'm very excited and my heart said, "yipeeeeee... bye-bye jakarta traffic! :D"

during in Lampung, I stay at home brother named Bhima. yeah he's one annoying and damn person I've ever had! He was a wase guy and attractive but I also don't know why, I always miss him hihihi maybe because he like to joke with me and he has chubby face hahahaha :D

in first day, nothing interesting except for played Guitar Hero in Bima's Playstation2. I fighted him until my head going bald because i think he's a Master of Guitar Hero hahaha he can played the expert level and could easily got a score of 100! W-O-W A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!! wahahahahahaha :D

weyyyyyyyy i forget to show Bima's photo to youuuuuuu bloggy hihi

stupid boy i think -_______-


Ari said...


kok sayanya gak ada sih :(

Swietenia harapan triana said...

be honest arciy sayang :) hihihi
ntar juga aku posting kowkkkkk