September 29, 2009

lebaran part 3

FINALLY THE BIG DAY CAME!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrulations for all Muslims in the World!!!!!!! Guys, Forgive all my mistakes and I want us to forgive each other :)

In the morning, my family prepared to went to Al-Jamal Mosque in Teluk Betung, Lampung. In there, we celebrated the Big Day with Solat Ied and we prayed that we can celebrating Idul Fitri like today :)

after that we left for my Grandparents' House, I was sad if i saw some pictures of my grandparents' house, there a lot of pictures of me with the deceased grandma. My grandma died of lung cancer while I was still small and my grandpa before i was born, so i haven't seen him and hug him :'(
i always pray that their still well in 'there' :)

After arrived at my Grandparents' house, all my Big Family had gathered in there and they welcomed to my family with great fanfare. WOW i'm so glad to see them all because i really really miss them

after all the children and grandchildren of my grandparents had arrived, my aunt took my favorite food is Seruwit! YIPEEEEEEEEE all ate except my brother-in-law, he felt weird with Seruwit, yeah all the people who have never tried seruwit would feel strange and if they try it, would be addicted hahaha :D

oh yeah i'm forget, before we ate together, i and my big sister apologized with my parents. i'm sad when my father said, "forgive me because i like mad with you, it's all done because i really really love you and don't forget to keep your spirit because i know you're always spirit of doing all the things you want to accomplish".

Thank you very much my dear parents, i always remember your message mom and dad ;)