September 28, 2009

lebaran part 2

weyyy i want to tell the continuation of my loooong holiday in Idul Fitri hem

Second day, one day before the Day of Idul Fitri is coming, my aunt or Bima's mother preparing food to be eaten by my big family and of course she prepared Lampung Traditional Food! You must not know, but as you know, you would say "weird food!".
Lampung Traditional Food is 'Seruwit'. mixture of fried fish, durian, sambal terasi, rice, and crackers and my father usually added petai wihihihihihi but you must know, the food was delicious! perhaps the first time you try, you want to throw up like i did when i was little

not only my aunt are preparing for tomorrow, but my family also helped. I helped make a legit layer cake with Gina, Bima's little sister. And you know, Bima has a little brother named Pandu, he's very funny and loved to sing. Favorite song is 'Bangun Tidur' from Mbah Surip, 'Cari Jodoh' from Wali Band and 'Lupa-Lupa Ingat' from Kuburan Band. He's very familiar with his favorite songs and when he sang it, certainly he's very funny and made our family laugh hahaha

maybe today i can only post it, but maybe this afternoon when i bored i'll post again hihihi
bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Ari said...

first video was GAJE -,-
but second video is a bit better cuz i can hear he sang KUBURAN band. ckckc anak siapa sih suka band gaje gitu wkwkwkw CANDAAAA :p..

wah wah jadi kepengen ngepost nih aku ada video spupu aku yg nyanyi lagu issabella. hahaa ntar aku post deh..

BE PATIENT MY SWEETY for my post hhihih

Swietenia harapan triana said...

hahaha lagu isabella kan lagu kesukaannya ihsan hahaha oke oke i always patient for waiting you new post my ari hihihi ;p