October 23, 2009

how the result of my report?

today my daddy will take my report and i think he will angry with me when he return to home argghhhhhh! how i'm not afraid? my result score made me really really dissapointed :'(
this is my exam score:
1. math: 6,00 -___-
2. physics: 7,60
3. chemistry: 7,25
4. biology: 8,80
5. indonesian languages: 8,40
6. english: 8,40
7. french: 84,25
8. civic education: 68 -,-
9. muslim education: 7,80
10. sosiology: 6,25 -_______-
Another score that I would not tell you because it is very bad score i had!

really really make me dissapointed -_________________-
and you know my sosial score make me must to repeat the test to become a standard score, 7,50 arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
and how about my fate now? entering science majors but i haven't science score to 8,00 and entering social majors but i must to repeat the test because my social score really really dissapointed -,-
and i felt my social score (sosiology, economic, history, geography) is bad all!!!!!
ngeh what should i do now?
i don't knowwwwwwww but i know starting now i must to study harder than yesterday

at one o'clock my my father would come to my school, 14 Senior High School and take my report in the French class (yes the french class is my class when not moving class) and my class guardian, Mrs. Endang must be informed of all the badness about me during in the class and kindness about me would never tell to my father hufhttt..
you must be patient Techa -,-