October 3, 2009

my favourite cartoon and you must watch it!

Upin and Ipin, are you ever heard? Upin and Ipin are one of the Islamic cartoon series that aired in TPI. New Cartoon from Malaysia and strange if you hear the conversation of that cartoon but i like it! because of their conversation which i think is funny and also the characters are funny too
So, Upin and Ipin are twins. Ipin as a brother of Upin. They live with their Opak or Grandmother and one Big Sister. this is some pictures of Upin and Ipin

This is Upin. Upin is Ipin's brother, he is younger than Ipin. Upin has a hair, always wear yellow clothes and sometimes he said "Betul Betul Betul" or "Boleh Boleh Boleh" wahahaha that's very cute i think!

This is Ipin. Ipin is older than Upin, he hasn't a hair so he's bald but i like it he's so cuteeee! he's more arrogant than Upin who is more obedient by the older sister, Ros and his grandmother. He always wear blue t-shirt and a red scarf on his neck.
tells of two children orphaned twins who live with his grandmother and sister. Upin and Ipin always together, played together, ate together, and all the activities they do together. Mischief and innocence both make us laugh, especially with their activities when fasting, example teraweh, reading the Qur'an and making ketupat.
Cooming soon Upin and Ipin Movie will be shown in cinema. I can't wait to watch it!!