January 24, 2010

how to make techa's fried rice :)

hello guys long no see, yeah? today is sunday and i feel this is happy sunday! i wanna eat sushi but my lovely mother said, "sushi is so expensive cha..". okay mom i know about that, but i really really want :(
okay because i can't eat sushi in my happy sunday, finally i make fried rice hem
okay first, i need:
1. a plate of rice (of course!)
2. 50gr garlic,
3. 100ml oil
4. one egg
5. 15gr onion
6. 100gr meat
7. salt
8. sugar
9. royco (hehehe)
10. pepper
11. 60gr sausage
12. 150gr chili sauce
13. ketchup
14. 50gr tomato sause
15. sprouts! (hahaha)
16. a pan
you know why i said crazy fried rice? because i added some sprouts in it hahahaha and i really really love sprouts guys!
okay and this is step for make techa's fried rice:
1. first, slice onion, garlic and heat it with oil in a pan, fry until golden brown
2. crack egg and add with onion and garlic
3. and then, add rice and stir all of them
4. cut meat and sausage into small pieces and add into a pan
5. stir and if meat is cooked, add some sprouts and stir again :)
6. add ketchup, chili sauce, tomato sauce, salt, sugar and pepper
7. finally, served crazy lalala fried rice with love from techa into a plate :D

October 23, 2009

how the result of my report?

today my daddy will take my report and i think he will angry with me when he return to home argghhhhhh! how i'm not afraid? my result score made me really really dissapointed :'(
this is my exam score:
1. math: 6,00 -___-
2. physics: 7,60
3. chemistry: 7,25
4. biology: 8,80
5. indonesian languages: 8,40
6. english: 8,40
7. french: 84,25
8. civic education: 68 -,-
9. muslim education: 7,80
10. sosiology: 6,25 -_______-
Another score that I would not tell you because it is very bad score i had!

really really make me dissapointed -_________________-
and you know my sosial score make me must to repeat the test to become a standard score, 7,50 arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
and how about my fate now? entering science majors but i haven't science score to 8,00 and entering social majors but i must to repeat the test because my social score really really dissapointed -,-
and i felt my social score (sosiology, economic, history, geography) is bad all!!!!!
ngeh what should i do now?
i don't knowwwwwwww but i know starting now i must to study harder than yesterday

at one o'clock my my father would come to my school, 14 Senior High School and take my report in the French class (yes the french class is my class when not moving class) and my class guardian, Mrs. Endang must be informed of all the badness about me during in the class and kindness about me would never tell to my father hufhttt..
you must be patient Techa -,-

i'm confused -____-

today at my school, Dian offered me to watch festival arts of 68 High School, it called BAZKOM. So in there, we not only see the bands show the action but in the arts festival offers food festival concept so we can buy food at the bazaar booth and I consider it unique compared to other performing arts other high school in Jakarta.

Friday to Sunday, October 2-25, 2009
at SMA 68
Salemba Raya 18 Jakarta Pusat
Ticket Price: Rp7500,- (Friday & Saturday); Rp15000,-(Sunday); Rp25000,- (closing event)
Stage every Sunday:
0ct 4 : Ballads of the Cliche, The You Know Who, and school band competition
Oct 11 : Pasukan Lima Jari, The Authentics, Second Hell and collective band
Oct 18 : Monkey To Millionaire, The Blenggoes, Scabbard, and collective band
Oct 25 : Revenge, Hupplepuff, Alien In Fashion, Nice Kids, Deadly Mistake and collective band
The competition includes: futsal, basket, cheerleaders, modern dance, saman dance, english debate, paskibra, band (for school)grafiti, mural, painting (canvas), chess (for public max 20 years old)
open audition for collective band
registration before sep25 at SMA 68
Food Festival + Bazaar
Closing Events
31 October 2009
Guest Star : The S.I.G.I.T, RAN, Toni Q Rastafara, Superglad

Dian: cha, i know you like RAN so much, at Bazkom RAN will singing!
Me: i must watching RAN tomorrow Di, how much is the ticket? i can buy the ticket with you Di?
Dian: hem i think i can because my friend who student at 68 Senior High School offers to sell some tickets to my friends in here
Me: okay, how much the ticket?
Dian: Twenty Thousand Rupiahs
Me: hah yesterday i looked the flyer and in there written 'HTM fifteen thousand rupiahs'
Dian: no no the HTM is twenty thousand rupiahs cha
Me: -__________- okay

ah damn it! i want to see RAN! i love RAN so much huhuhu :(
so my mom said 'the promise would be asked in the Hereafter', I finally didn't come to the 68 Senior High School tomorrow -,-

October 3, 2009

my favourite cartoon and you must watch it!

Upin and Ipin, are you ever heard? Upin and Ipin are one of the Islamic cartoon series that aired in TPI. New Cartoon from Malaysia and strange if you hear the conversation of that cartoon but i like it! because of their conversation which i think is funny and also the characters are funny too
So, Upin and Ipin are twins. Ipin as a brother of Upin. They live with their Opak or Grandmother and one Big Sister. this is some pictures of Upin and Ipin

This is Upin. Upin is Ipin's brother, he is younger than Ipin. Upin has a hair, always wear yellow clothes and sometimes he said "Betul Betul Betul" or "Boleh Boleh Boleh" wahahaha that's very cute i think!

This is Ipin. Ipin is older than Upin, he hasn't a hair so he's bald but i like it he's so cuteeee! he's more arrogant than Upin who is more obedient by the older sister, Ros and his grandmother. He always wear blue t-shirt and a red scarf on his neck.
tells of two children orphaned twins who live with his grandmother and sister. Upin and Ipin always together, played together, ate together, and all the activities they do together. Mischief and innocence both make us laugh, especially with their activities when fasting, example teraweh, reading the Qur'an and making ketupat.
Cooming soon Upin and Ipin Movie will be shown in cinema. I can't wait to watch it!!

September 29, 2009

lebaran part 3

FINALLY THE BIG DAY CAME!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrulations for all Muslims in the World!!!!!!! Guys, Forgive all my mistakes and I want us to forgive each other :)

In the morning, my family prepared to went to Al-Jamal Mosque in Teluk Betung, Lampung. In there, we celebrated the Big Day with Solat Ied and we prayed that we can celebrating Idul Fitri like today :)

after that we left for my Grandparents' House, I was sad if i saw some pictures of my grandparents' house, there a lot of pictures of me with the deceased grandma. My grandma died of lung cancer while I was still small and my grandpa before i was born, so i haven't seen him and hug him :'(
i always pray that their still well in 'there' :)

After arrived at my Grandparents' house, all my Big Family had gathered in there and they welcomed to my family with great fanfare. WOW i'm so glad to see them all because i really really miss them

after all the children and grandchildren of my grandparents had arrived, my aunt took my favorite food is Seruwit! YIPEEEEEEEEE all ate except my brother-in-law, he felt weird with Seruwit, yeah all the people who have never tried seruwit would feel strange and if they try it, would be addicted hahaha :D

oh yeah i'm forget, before we ate together, i and my big sister apologized with my parents. i'm sad when my father said, "forgive me because i like mad with you, it's all done because i really really love you and don't forget to keep your spirit because i know you're always spirit of doing all the things you want to accomplish".

Thank you very much my dear parents, i always remember your message mom and dad ;)

September 28, 2009

lebaran part 2

weyyy i want to tell the continuation of my loooong holiday in Idul Fitri hem

Second day, one day before the Day of Idul Fitri is coming, my aunt or Bima's mother preparing food to be eaten by my big family and of course she prepared Lampung Traditional Food! You must not know, but as you know, you would say "weird food!".
Lampung Traditional Food is 'Seruwit'. mixture of fried fish, durian, sambal terasi, rice, and crackers and my father usually added petai wihihihihihi but you must know, the food was delicious! perhaps the first time you try, you want to throw up like i did when i was little

not only my aunt are preparing for tomorrow, but my family also helped. I helped make a legit layer cake with Gina, Bima's little sister. And you know, Bima has a little brother named Pandu, he's very funny and loved to sing. Favorite song is 'Bangun Tidur' from Mbah Surip, 'Cari Jodoh' from Wali Band and 'Lupa-Lupa Ingat' from Kuburan Band. He's very familiar with his favorite songs and when he sang it, certainly he's very funny and made our family laugh hahaha

maybe today i can only post it, but maybe this afternoon when i bored i'll post again hihihi
bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

lebaran part 1

heyyyy alllllll! i missing my blog very much! almost a month i didn't open my blog and when i opened it, many blog postings from my friends wow they always update new post, right?
the reason why I never post another blog is:
first, many school assignment that i should be doing that and
second, I just got back yesterday from my mother's village in Lampung

hey bloggy, you know about Lebaran? or we can said, 'IDUL FITRI'
yes, because i'm Muslim sooooo i celebrated the Big Day of Muslim hihihi
I'm very happy because I can celebrated, because by celebrating it, I could gather with my big family and I was also greetings with them all :D
If you are a Muslim, would you know how pleased when to celebrate Idul Fitri? hehehe

First day, I went to Lampung on Friday, September 18 by a car. With my family and of course now this year's Idul Fitri, brother-in-law came with us so my family members become more crowded wakakakak ;p

for the crossed from the Java Island to the Sumatra Island, from Merak Harbor we took Ferry Ship which can carry cars. When i arrived at Bakauheni Harbor, i'm very excited and my heart said, "yipeeeeee... bye-bye jakarta traffic! :D"

during in Lampung, I stay at home brother named Bhima. yeah he's one annoying and damn person I've ever had! He was a wase guy and attractive but I also don't know why, I always miss him hihihi maybe because he like to joke with me and he has chubby face hahahaha :D

in first day, nothing interesting except for played Guitar Hero in Bima's Playstation2. I fighted him until my head going bald because i think he's a Master of Guitar Hero hahaha he can played the expert level and could easily got a score of 100! W-O-W A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!! wahahahahahaha :D

weyyyyyyyy i forget to show Bima's photo to youuuuuuu bloggy hihi

stupid boy i think -_______-